Clash clans – Clash of clans

Clan clash or clash of clans as its popularly referred to is a game that puts its main focus on strategy execution as well as game planning. One of the key techniques of the play is to have the best builder plan that secures your base while destroying the enemy units that come up to set on your ground. The game plan of your ground is very crucial since you can either loose or win the game depending on ones building placement as well as ones defensive structure and the set entity. There are millions of builder techniques that are available on the internet from which one can either copy fully or use it partially to draw up one’s own building plan.

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There are key things that one should put in mind while creating the clan’s base as it’s the most essential part of the game; it helps you protect your resources while maintaining the highest number of trophies. ones ground is not only defensive in nature but it also forms your armies and troops lifeline required to attack and thus eliminate your opponents. To eliminate opponents, get an advantage – The following are the key considerations in order to have the best base plan:

You have to set your buildings such that a few are protected by walls while the rest are located outside the walls. The buildings that are set outside are the Army Barracks,Laboratory and the builders hut. In some cases Elixir collectors and Gold mines are also left outside.The buildings that play a defensive role like the Mortars and The Wizard Towers have to be centralized to prevent any attacks from the enemy. You should never place archer Towers and Canons in the isolated areas to ensure they are never attacked as the first buildings.

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The walls are strategically used to protect buildings and slows down opponents as well. One should never use constructed areas such as houses as walls or even leave gaps as enemies may enter through them. Also one should never use a single entity of a the cell to guard all the buildings .Also remember to set an enclosure to all essential buildings in separate cells in order to make the base more compact and also have a better defensive position.

Game of war fire age

Immersing yourself in the brutal turmoil of heroic battle comes in no better form than when you play Game of War Fire Age. Although initially, it looks overwhelmingly complex for anyone who has never played another PVP war game before; a multitude of icons flash and spin, and the sensory overload is a little bit intimidating. Game of War Fire Age comes with a fairly steep and financially decimating learning curve if you start playing without reading all the built-in instructions, but once you get into it, you will find that Game of War Fire Age is simply the best free strategy war gaming app available.

As with similar games in this genre, Game of War Fire Age will have you using up considerable amounts of resources very quickly, whether they be virtual or physical. You’ll need to build several resource generating buildings including farms for food, logging camps, mines, and a forge to craft armor and weapons as soon as possible, and it almost goes without saying that you will need as much of everything you can lay your hands on to upgrade your kingdom and beat your often quite formidably armed opponents.
Other buildings necessary include defence walls, an academy, storehouses, barracks, villas, and hospitals. All are required eventually to complete certain tasks and level up. Without mentioning the sheer volume of time that you will need to invest pressing the upgrade button and waiting to reach your ultimate goal, this is still a game which could take years rather than weeks or months to be ultimately successful in.

Strategically completing Daily, Empire or Alliance Quests is not the only way of building up lots of power. Other than investing your own money, researching things through the Academy is perhaps the quickest way of achieving more power extremely quickly. The goddess Athena often pops up to guide your through what you need to do, and so all available actions and research eventually become fairly intuitive.
As your experience, skills, and VIP points increase, the greater the rewards from quests become. Unlike most fantasy war games, some soldiers (or heroes in this case) can be trained and equipped individually, and researching all the items needed will increase their strengths and experience too.
Completing quests whether on your own, or ideally as part of an alliance, will provide resources such as stone, silver, gold, power, speed-ups, and gems more quickly than creating items and waiting for their timers to expire. However, it is also possible to lose many of your troops and a lot of resources during these events.

Throwing those negatives aside, if they are even negatives rather than simply the fun of the game for most people, the graphics in Game of War Fire Age are excellent. As the Classical fantasy atmosphere draws you in, you’ll find constructing your buildings and increasing your military forces a great joy and very entertaining until the unfortunate happens and an even stronger player destroys all your hard work. If you have enough resources or real money, however, you can usually just heal or resuscitate all those fallen troops with a few taps and get your revenge. Plus you can enlist the help of your friends on social networking sites to get further in-game rewards as and when you need them.
It has to be said that Machine Zone, Inc. have created another amazingly brilliant and instantly addictive app in the form of Game of War Fire Age. The glorious battles, menu system, and graphics are state-of-the-art, and players of all ages will find it absorbing. It is even somewhat educational in how it develops the skills necessary to be a victor in the art of war. Whether you play it on your iPad or an Android smartphone, Game of War Fire Age is a great piece of programming with huge entertainment value. Here you can find Game of war fire age cheats android.

The Thing game introduction

The Thing is basically a third person shooter video game that can send anyone for chills due to its impeccable horror content. It was released in the year 2002 under the “Black Label Games” banner. The Black Label Games actually collaborated with Universal Interactive and Konami to release the game. It is based on the movie with the same name released in the year 1982. It was directed by John Carpenter.


The Thing game was released in North America on 10 September 2002 for PlayStation and on 20 September in Europe. In Japan, the game was released on 27 February 2003. Windows and Xbox received the version of the game in North America on 20 August and 3 September 2002 respectively. The other versions like the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance were also planned but were later cancelled.

The game follows the story of Captain Blake who is the member of US Special Forces that has been sent out to the Antarctic post in order to find the research team. The endorsement of the game was done by John Carpenter who also appears in a cameo. The Thing has sold very well in the market and also received rave reviews from the critics and the experts alike. A sequel to the game was also being planned but the idea was cancelled already in the early stages of its development. The reason credited for the cancelation of sequel idea was the closing down of Computer Artworks studio in the year 2004.

Back in 2000, Universal Interactive started their research for the development of games based on feature films. After going through an ample of feature films, the company decided that one of the most intellectual properties in the arena was John Carpenter’s movie, The Thing which is purely based on the short story “Who Goes There?” written by John W Campbell. This short story had already been used by Howard Hawks to adapt it into a feature film in 1951 called, “The Thing from Another World”.

Universal Interactive however found the ending of 1982 John Carpenter’s movie more intriguing and attractive and hence they decided that its adaptation would look great on a video game.

The Thing was announced on 20 September 2000 when both Universal Interactive and Konami decided to make the game as sequel to the 1982 film in the same name. They also decided to release the game for advanced next gen consoles in the market. Out of all these consoles, only Xbox had been confirmed. Slowly, the game surfaced on all the major consoles available in the market and the users are enjoying the game to the maximum.


The gameplay of “The Thing” is extremely pleasant and interactive that leaves no space for boredom. It is purely based on the 1982 film by John Carpenter and hence, if you are the movie fan already, you would find this game as appealing as it could ever be. The graphics of “The Thing” are also something to be talked about and shall be mentioned.